The Norfolk Bat Group was originally started in 1961 as a special study group within the NORFOLK AND NORWICH NATURALISTS’ SOCIETY. This society was founded in 1866 to study the natural history of the county, and was responsible in 1926 for establishing the Norfolk Naturalists Trust, now the Norfolk Wildlife Trust.

After a lull, the Norfolk Bat Group re-formed in 1983 in response to the increasing interest in this little-studied group of mammals. There are now bat groups in almost every English county, plus many groups in Wales and Scotland. The Norfolk group aims to provide a running survey to monitor the county’s bats by individual and collective observation; to help to educate the public about bats and their harmless and interesting habits; to assist in the operation of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 as it relates to bat protection, by collaborating with Natural England; to assist in practical ways with aspects of bat conservation; and to help with the checking and running of bat box schemes. An occasional newsletter called “Norfolk Natterer” is produced, while records and observations find a more permanent place in the annual N.N.N.S. Mammal Report.